As the daughter of well-known western artist Oleg Stavrowsky, art is in Mary’s DNA. She spent 25 years as a graphic designer and another five as a high-end art consultant in Santa Fe, working with the current top western painters and sculptors. She holds degrees in Art History and English (Creative Writing). Her paintings often tell stories about the modern American west.

Mary took up painting in 2018 and was thrilled to begin selling her work right away. She soon felt intrigued by the timeless, mysterious look of a limited black and warm white palette, which she feels gives her work a striking immediacy, drawing the viewer in. This palette helps her pieces fit equally well into contemporary or traditional settings.

She says, “I paint the American west because that’s where I’ve lived for most of my life, and I value its unique history and culture. I love to explore the relationships between people and animals in modern western settings. I’m often asked if I wished I’d pursued a fine art career sooner, but I trust things to happen when they’re supposed to. I feel that artists of all types are a sort of conduit to the ultimate Creator. It’s our job to hone our skills, then get the heck out of the way. I plan to keep learning and growing in this fascinating endeavor for as long as I can.”

Her paintings won “Best Acrylic” in the 2019 Western Spirit show, and the “People’s Choice Award” in the 2021 Spokane Valley Art Council auction.


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